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Tahitian Black Pearl


Black Pearls are produced by the black-lipped pearl oyster (Pinctada Margaritifera).

Tahitian pearl sizes normally range from 8.0 mm to 14.0 mm.

South Sea Pearls
The oyster that produces south sea pearls is the Pinctada Maxima, known as the golden lipped and silver lipped oysters.
South Sea pearl sizes usually range from size 7.5mm to 20.0mm, with the average size being 12.0 mm.

Grading Category

A Flawless pearl. Surface is free from any blemish visible to the naked eye.
Grade A
At least 90% at the surface is clean and free of blemishes
Remainning 10% may have spotting but no deep blemishes
Blemishes are concentrated and not too dispersed
May have one or two slight blemishes which can be hidden by the drill hole or pearl setting.
Lustre and Orient
Exceptional degree of surface reflectivity and shine. The reflexion of a nearby object in
bright, diffused lighting is mirror-like and well defined.
Lesser degree of surface reflectivity and shine than 'Excellent' but producing a very clear reflexion. The reflexion of a nearby object in bright, diffused lighting is well defined and clear.
Spherical shape
As a general rule, the spherical or Round pearl are the most valued.
Spherical shapes include Round and semi-round, wher there is a small variation in the vertical and horizontal diameter.
Black pearls are not really black. Black pearls real colors range from shade
of blue and silver through to deep green and aubergine.
South Sea pearls come in 3 natural colours, White (Silver,Pink,...),
Champagne and Golden.
All our pearls are undrilled.