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The sapphire, sumptuous and accessible

Why coloured gemstones?

To repeat: let there be no equivocation: an Investment in gold, diamonds or precious stones does not generate income. Complimentary investments must therefore be made. Certainly, the appreciation of capital may compensate, and often largely, for the absence of income, but here it is a question of long-term investments and this should not be forgotten.

Like the ruby, the sapphire is a very hard, natural crystallized form of corundum (Al2 O3). It has been well known since the dawn of time, and it is much more plentiful than its imperial companion in mineralogical classification because of the multiple colour combinations of iron and titanium which are found in the upper layers of the earth's crust, where sapphires were formed.

The three most beautiful colours

The most sought after gems are those, which are very limpid, and also have a deep luminous tint. The colours are extremely varied, and they range from white to black, through pink, yellow, mauve, and green, acquiring the names of "pink sapphire”, “yellow sapphire” etc.

It is the integrations of chrome, iron and titanium, which have exerted a dominant over the particular colour of the stones. Even though enthusiasts might search eagerly for those types of sapphire because they are of undeniable value, it is very certain that the most beautiful belong to the blue category and, for purposes of investment, the following selection will be considered. Cornflower blue. This is the most sought after sapphire, because it has a deep, bright, velvety, soft blue tone ennobled still further by a soupcon of royal purple. A large number of these most beautiful stones, also known as "cashmere blue" used to come from this region. Now the mines are practically exhausted, and it is necessary now to turn to the deposits in Thailand, Sri Lanka and Cambodia, in order to find gems equivalent in quality and purity. Royal blue is another remarkable tone. What is striking in this case, is the depth of this pure tint, something like the clear waters of seemingly bottomless mountain lakes. Navy blue is yet a third shade of blue, which is interesting from all points of view in the tone pallet.

A limited production

Sri Lanka belong to the category of "kingfisher blues" and very light blues.

Having said this, after the spectacular increase in gold prices, the diamond has taken over a major role in the experienced investor's portfolio, and its prices, although without comparison, have in turn experienced large increases. As opposed to the yellow metal, however, the diamond practically never drops in price. However reassuring they may be, gold and diamonds, within the context of this report, have demonstrated that on international markets, they are not protected from speculations, which always represent a real danger in the eyes of investors. On the other hand, it has been found that the coloured stones although perhaps traded more discreetly, nonetheless represent safer and more profitable investments.